Best Life

What does it mean to live life to the fullest?  

It’s hard to understand what that really means, when we don’t have a good grasp on what we are capable of in life. Our human brains encourage us to think small and stay safe, so even when we think that we are stretching our minds and thinking outside the box, we are still falling short of what is possible in this world.

I’ve started asking myself what my “Best Life” is, rather than telling myself to “live life to the fullest”. It’s a small shift but the subtle change in energy has made a world of difference to me.  

I frequently ask myself what my Best Life looks like, and am I living my Best Life today? It doesn’t mean that I have a perfect day where I knock everything off my to do list. It means that I am living this day in accordance with what I value most. For example, am I spending time focused on working towards my long term vision for my life, or am I spending time getting a dozen banal tasks done instead? Am I taking care of my body and my mind, or am I forgoing balance to feel productive?  

My Best Life embodies a certain feeling and energy from which I create my life, whereas living life to the fullest means crossing off as many things on my bucket list as possible. The difference is in creating a feeling, versus creating an action. When you spend time cultivating your thoughts to create the right feeling in your life, any action is possible and the energy is endless.  You are not focused on a list of actions to complete – you are focused on creating the energy.  When you spend time completing an action and checking it off a list, you create a sense of accomplishment, but that sense doesn’t renew itself – you have to keep taking actions to keep the feeling going. It can be exhausting and it isn’t sustainable.

Think about the best version of yourself, how you want to show up in the world, and what your best life would look and feel like. Bask in this feeling each day and plan your day around it. This is the ticket to waking up each day excited and going to bed each night feeling fulfilled.  When you create this kind of life for yourself, you are living life to the fullest in the true sense of the phrase!

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Anusha Streubel

about the author

My name is Anusha Streubel, MD, MPH, and I am a certified life coach. I help clients with the more mundane aspects of organizing your life: Time management tools, how to clear the clutter from your mind and your environment, and self-care to create more physical energy.

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Nothing will change in your life until you take the first step.

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